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Product and Process 3D Animation

Our team comprising of engineers and creative people combined with knowledge of specialised software allows us to create realistic 3D animations by understanding the product and process functionality.


We have experience in creating  technical, sales and  Marketing animations of a product or a process to convey the right information with ease.

3D animations with specific information are great way to make the impact to target audeince.

Factory Layout

VR,AR and Interactive Digital Content

We are offering VR and AR solutions to create near real experience of product and process to prospects 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be used in multiple ways by industries.

1.Improve the effectiveness of training new people by VR content

2. Use AR for marketing and sales to showcase the product in actual size in physical site.

3. AR can be used by field engineer for installation and servicing of the components in a more efficient way.

VR Headset

Reality Tour & Corporate Video

Winning new prospects is a great challenge for any manufacturing company. You may be faced with questions like

  • What is the production capacity you can handle?

  • What type of machines /Production line do you have at your plant?

  • Can you arrange for plant visit for our team?

Vaccine Production Line

These questions can delay the process of acquiring the prospects or even you may end up loosing if you can't convince them. With the Virtual Walkthrough technology, it is possible to eliminate these objections at the beginning itself without wasting Time and Money!!

With virtual plant visit, you can make prospects to see your facility from any part of the world at any time. Increase the confidence and built trust with virtual tours.

Reverse Engineering and CAD Modeling

If you are looking to reproduce the components where manufacturing drawings are not available, We help you to Reverse Engineer the parts with scanning technology.

We study the parts, do the scanning, generate the STL and  convert it to 3D CAD model.

Once the 3D CAD model is available, manufacturing drawing of the components can be generated.

kiyotek reverse engineering
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